Kombucha Day Four

Well, not too much going on with the kombucha around here, but I thought I'd check in and give you an update anyway! The kombucha needs to do its thing for about 8-10 days. So, in about four days, I'll taste a little and see where it's at. I'm guessing it will still be fairly sweet, though. Once it does hit the primo stage, I'll remove the scoby and let it do a second ferment for another 4-5 days or so.

In fact, I was given a jar of kombucha that's in the second fermenting stage. It's day four and still isn't ready in my opinion. I want it to be just right, so I'm keeping an eye on it daily.

In the meantime, here are some of kombucha's benefits:
*Rejuvenative and restorative
*Aids with weight loss and body alkilinity
*Immune-boosting (I crave the stuff when my immune system needs some love!!)
*Many swear by it for curing cancer and other diseases.

Thanks again for stopping by - not too much to report, but soon there will be!


  1. Tess,
    Are you fermenting the Kombucha? May have to try.

  2. yup, fermenting it, Anita!
    Lorrie just came by with more scoby starters too and some bancha tea. Time to get busy and start a new batch!!

  3. I just found instructions online for making this from bottled kombucha. I might have to try it. Thank you for introducing me to so many new things.

  4. I'm gonna try to brew my own too! I found some helpful sites:



    Quintessence: How do you feel about these instructions? I am planning on making my own scoby, and then brewing my own kombucha... I'm going to post the progress on my blog too... You have inspired me!

  5. I'm not really a kombucha expert yet, so I can't say...but I do know that THIS site is highly recommended by people I trust:

    It's fun & really easy...glad my amateur kombucha efforts could inspire you to try too!

  6. Thank you I will take a look at that site as well :)

  7. Hey just wondering are you going to do the continuous brewing like they show on happyherbalist?

  8. I'll be brewing the first run (what I'm doing now) for about 9 days, then letting it do a 2nd brewing after that for another week or longer. How long do they say to do it?