Kombucha Day 16...The fizz begins!

So, this is day two of the final stage of kombucha. I've let it brew, let it brew a second time, and two days ago, began the final fizz process.

<--Here you see the way it's beginning to carbonate. Two days ago, I bottled up the kombucha, added about 10% fruit juice (I used organic concord grape) and capped the bottles. I've heard they can explode (!), so I put them all in a box just in case. As you can see, no explosions yet! However, after opening one, I can see that it can still use just a bit more time to carbonate. I'll check them again tomorrow, and every day afterwards. Once they're perfect, they'll go into the fridge.

Happiness awaits! And is here now, if you want to get all Zen (and I do).


  1. that's so exciting! i love kombucha. i really want to try and make some myself now, as it doesn't seem too intimidating thanks to you! :)

  2. wow that looks delicious :) my brewing process seems to be going well... i can see the "baby" forming on top of the tea... wish me luck!

  3. Tess, do you always have a mushroom left to start a new batch?? Thanks for blogging this process =)

  4. The wait is killing me!!! really though I want to test some. I can only imagine how amazing it is - all fizzy and wonderful. kinda like you

  5. Amy, good luck! It's neat to see the babies forming, no?

    Danielle, yes. You always do. Plus, your mushroom will form new "babies" so you can have more to use or give away.

    Thanks Tink!! XOXO

  6. I was wondering if you suggested buying the scobies online. I know you mention happyherbalist.com in a previous blog, then went to a companies website that bottles and sells kombucha and they said to buy from laurelfarms.com. Thanks for any advice you have!

  7. Jody, I don't know for sure where to get them, other than to source them locally. When you put the feelers out, there is often someone who's happy to give away their extra scobies.

    However, if that's just not happnin, you could also look online. I don't know who to recommend in particular because I've never personally dealt w/ online companies. I've only heard things about Happy Herbalist, and they've all been positive.

    Good luck!!