Relaxation Station

Nothing can infuse your life with ease and grace like the power of meditation! It's like a magical cure-all that reduces stress and brings peace and joy into your being. To begin experiencing the immense benefits of meditation, try this simple exercise from the meditation section in Radiant Health, Inner Wealth.

Relaxation Station

This is a good type of meditation for relieving stress and also for healing yourself if you have any ailments. Begin by allowing all of your muscles to relax completely. Start with your toes and slowly work all the way up to the top of your head (crown), allowing all of the stress to melt away in each area as you go. Although many practitioners of meditation begin with the head and work their way down, I encourage you to try it this way as working your way up the body will help you maintain a higher state of consciousness.

After you have relaxed all of your muscles, think of the most beautiful color of light you can imagine. See that beautiful light filling your toes and feet completely. Next, bring that beautiful, healing light slowly upward through every part of your body until you are totally saturated in that light from toe to head. Be as open as you can, and really feel the healing energies of that light in each part of your body. Send extra light and love to any part of your being that needs it and continue to be open to healing on all levels. Enjoy this state of peace and relaxation for as long as you like. Or longer.

Meditation is just one of the tools in Radiant Health, Inner Wealth.

Meditation is also a wonderful way to prevent illnesses before they begin. For more ideas on prevention, check out The Kathleen Show's Prevention Not Prescriptions Tuesdays. Thanks so much for tuning in! I wish you a peaceful, deeply rewarding day.

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  1. Yeah this is great, i make it everyday on nights, when I arrive home, after a day or work and university and I just meditate, take a shower and go to sleep, it's great.