Well, it's a beautiful day! Time to try out my new bike seat and get some good exercise. My 6-year-old and I were going to climb Pagosa Peak today but it was raining this morning, so that didn't happen, needless to say! But now the sun is out and the world looks green again.

Just like my sprouts...and amaranth!

In case anyone has not heard of this amazing plant, it is dark grean, boldly leafy, and grows unabashedly. It is also in a class of food that scientists call "C4." These plants are, lets just say, extremely nourishing, strengthening, and extraordinarily nutritious.

How to use amaranth?

*The leaves can be added to fresh vegetable juice (ran through a juicer), steamed like kale, or eaten in salads (if very young).

*The grain can be cooked like pasta (boil in way too much water and drain), then tossed with seasonings like olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. I also like to cook it with cinnamon, cardamom, and other Indian spices for a sweet, hearty breakfast (such as in my "Indian Spiced Supergrain Cereal," pictured above).

I hope your weekend goes well and you find joy and inspiration in your life! As for me, I will find joy (and hopefully patience!) as I await the shipment of my second edition--due this Wednesday!

Thanks, Holly Reed (aka Storm) for sending me this picture! She tried out the "Zucchini Chips to Dry For" which are a new recipe from my 2nd edition.
I've got to say, I am LOVIN my new Excalibur food dehydrator! It's big, bold, and fabulous. Every week, my daughter asks if we can have a "rainbow party!" We load up all nine trays with healthy, delicious morsels in the order of a rainbow...first, strawberries, then mango, bananas, zucchini chips, blueberries, and blackberries. They all dry wonderfully and make such nourishing bites for on the go! I am also really excited to be making fruit roll-ups, raw granola, and raw tortillas from scratch. Yum!
Olga's beautiful picture of my hummus makes it look yummus!
Yes, it's nail-biter time here...I am anxiously awaiting a huge truck bearing 6000 copies of my 2nd edition of www.radianthealth-innerwealth.com ...an updated, improved, and even funnier (Come now, is that possible? Yes.) version of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth. For those who have yet to pick up a 1st edition, it's a fun, comprehensive toolkit for ultimate wellness which includes close to 250 fab vegan recipes! They may be healthy, but they don't taste healthy.
Stay tuned and I'll let you know when the books arrive. The birth of my 2nd child is very exciting!! And it even lets me sleep at night (mostly...).

Here be the new cover of "Radiant Health, Inner Wealth." The new font makes me giddy...

...the back of my book, "Radiant Health, Inner Wealth."
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