Top Three Tips for Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season

Yes you can, I know you can, I know you can can.

That's a line from a great song, and also represents how I feel about our abilities to stay healthy at all times! I know that the Holidays can be a big fat challenge for many of us in terms of staying on track with our health goals. So, today I'm feeling inspired to share a few tips that will keep you on track and not let the indulgence mentality sabotage you!

Top Three Tips for Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season:

1. Don't deprive yourself! This was listed first and foremost for a reason. The Holiday season is not the time to say no to everything! It's a time to enjoy your friends, family, and festivities. I know from personal experience that trying to be "perfect" (especially through deprivation) does not work. Nothing will sabotage you faster than feeling like a failure, either! Just be gentle with yourself and allow for a few treats here and there. The key is simply to stay balanced and aware. And not use this as an excuse to go crazy at the chocolate store. Some chocolate, fine. Two bars of chocolate, not so much.
2. Fill up on the good stuff. No, the good stuff isn't artificially colored sugar-sprinkled candy bits. By "good stuff," I actually mean the stuff that your body will be happy about. Rather than focusing on what you shouldn't be eating during the Holidays, you may find it liberating to instead emphasize healthy foods. Eat lots of fresh, organic vegetables and whole foods. If you make these real, wholesome foods the mainstay of your diet, you'll have less room for the indulgences. And, your body will be able to process any indulgences better if it has that foundation of healthy foods.
3. Stay centered. Despite the business and excitement of this season, you'll find that your food and health choices will automatically come from a higher place if you're relaxed and happy. How to stay centered, you ask? This is a great question! There are lots of ways to stay centered, and all you need to do is start with one that speaks to you! Some examples are learning to meditate, practicing yoga, doing a mantra (consistent mental affirmation), and focusing on your breath. My book, Radiant Health, Inner Wealth is also a guide for inner wellness practices, so if you have a copy, be sure to check out the chapter on "Aligning with your Radiant Life." Whatever you choose, make it fun, doable, and something you can realistically stick with!

Thanks so much for tuning in today. I wish you excellent health and wellness during this and every season!

I'd like to mention as well that the Kathleen Show has a wonderful program called Prevention Not Prescriptions which is chock-full of ideas on staying healthy naturally, without the use of prescription medicines. New topics are added every Tuesday, so be sure to check it out for more great ideas.

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