2010: 5 Tips to Make It Your Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year's Eve, friends! As I prepare for a fresh new year this evening, I wanted to touch base and offer some ideas on making next year ROCK! You know you want to.

Five Tips to Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever:

1. Visualize it! If you see yourself making positive changes, you're over halfway there. Actually, more like 97% there. Visualization is an effortless, powerful way to co-create the life you've always wanted.

2. Think it! I still remember the first time I was able to pull off a consistent meditation and exercise discipline - it was about 15 years ago and I had previously thought of myself as all talk and no action in that department. However, I had the idea one day to start thinking differently about the situation. Just think differently. So, I started thinking thoughts like "maybe I really can do this now!" and "what if I really do start this on Monday?" And whadda ya know? That coming Monday I began and maintained the discipline I was aiming for!

3. Move it! I would have never guessed it ten years ago, but winter is now my best exercise season! There's cross country skiing, fun at the gym, dancing to great music indoors, yoga, pilates, and snowshoeing (OK, I actually don't like to snowshoe but I thought I'd throw it in for variety). Exercise will boost your mood, make you feel good, and vitalize your life. Take a moment now and decide what kind of exercise routine you could implement this coming year as a gift to yourself.

4. Love it! Think about all that is good in your life right now and take a moment to reflect on the positive changes and growth you've experienced in this past year. Love yourself and love your life - as much as you can right now - and you'll lay a foundation of love bricks that you can keep building on. Yeah, that's right...love bricks.

5. Eat it! Vow to include more vegetables, whole foods, and organic produce in your diet this year. Emphasizing these body-vitalizing foods will increase your wellness, streamline your cravings, and slim your waistline. Not to mention the fact that you'll have less room in your diet for junk when you're eating more of the good stuff!

I hope at least one of these tips inspires you to make 2010 your best year ever - thanks so much for reading and I'll see you next year!

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