November 2nd Journal

For those of you just tuning in, please refer to my last blog post so that this makes a little sense!

Today, I woke up feeling better than yesterday (yesterday I awoke with a scratchy throat and slight fever, hence the idea to get on the scene with this experiment!). This was a relief, because I just can't get sick right now and I'm determined to stay healthy the rest of the season, no matter what germies invade my space. So...

Today, I ate the following (95% of which was organic):

Breakfast: This morning, I started the day with some fresh veggie juice (kale, one whole organic lemon, 3 carrots, celery, and a nice hunk of ginger with the skin still on)
Mid-morning snack: Chili-Ginger Cabbage and a grape kombucha
Lunch: Miso-Soba Noodle-Kale-Shiitake Bowl with lots of fresh ginger and garlic (take that, buggies!)
Other mini-meal: Baked Chimichanga (sprouted wheat tortilla filled Perfect Pinto Beans, then baked and topped with fresh, extra spicy salsa and some nondairy sour cream)
Dinner: I like a light dinner, with lots of veggies. So, tonight I'm having a large salad with a light vinaigrette (with extra fresh garlic cloves for added nutritional oomph), some split pea soup, and some homemade pickled beets.

Other immune-boosts I added to my day included:
-I drank lots of purified water
-Plenty of meditation
-Exercise: I felt good enough to take a nice 2 mile walk today in the fresh air
-Fresh air: See above comment. Check.
-Supplements: I'm not a supplement/vitamin person--I believe in getting nutrients from real food. However, I did chew up a yummy papaya-mango vitamin C tablet today. Sometimes I just get crazy like that.

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