Final Day of my Super-Immune Boosting Week!

Ahhhh....As I sit on my friend's comfy 70s couch in Denver and write this, all I can say is "ahhhhh." It's so nice to be here after a long drive (it takes about 5 1/2 hours from where I live). But, the day has really been great, despite the length of the drive. One gem I've gained is that I've finally decided to stop wishy-washying and learn how to make kombucha! And you can bet your buttons I'll be sharing what I learn with you. I already have three flavors I'm really inspired on and can't wait to experiment with.

So onward with the final day of my immune-boosting week...

Breakfast: This morning I had my usual veggie juice. And remembered the ginger. So, it was a carrot-celery-lemon-parsley-ginger juice. SO dang satisfying. Really made my tummy happy and perked up my senses.

Mid-morning: I wanted something quick and healthy, so I had a smoothie (strawberry-pineapple-banana-raspberry-orange). Life cannot be anything but good when you're drinking that sort of thing. Makes me wonder, too, why anyone would put sugar in their smoothie. It's so perfect as is, with only fruit.

Lunch-ish: I headed on the road at about 10 this morning for my Denver weekend of book signings. On the way up, I stopped at the Organic Peddler--just about the cutest spot ever, located in Del Norte, Colorado of all places. The owner, KimAnna, is an absolute angel and an artistic genius. Her store is just beautiful and reflects an immense amount of love and creativity. So, when I walked up to the front door and saw a sign that read "Today: Kim's homemade cranberry kombucha," I could not resist. There was a zero percent chance of resistance, even though I had a half-opened guava kombucha in the car. How often does a kombucha addict like me get to try the stuff homemade? Hers was made from green tea (I think, although she often uses black tea and yerba mate) and had the perfect blend of pure cranberry and fermented tea. Just divine. DIVINE.

I spent the next two hours savoring it on my drive, along with another food blessing--some beet soup a friend had made from homegrown organic beets. I cannot put into words how lucky I felt just to enjoy those simple pleasures today--foods that just vibrated with life and goodness. And they felt so amazing in my body--so nourishing and rejuvenating. So, short story long, I've decided to start making my own kombucha! It sounds like a doable process, one requiring not much more than a scoby (mushroom starter), some cheesecloth, glass gallon jars, and the tea of your choice. I'll keep you posted as I delve into the world of kombucha making over the winter...Ooh, project!

Dinner: I was quite famished by the time I rolled (well, drove, actually) into Denver, so I made a beeline for my favorite restaurant, WaterCourse. They are a veggie restaurant that can make any item on their menu vegan. So, I splurged. Big time. As in, I'm glad I don't live here cuz I'd be fat. Just kidding! (sort of) So, I had a Po Boy (polenta-crusted portabella sandwich), salad with Maple Dijon dressing, and some yummy, homey mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy. AND....a very non-immune-boosting piece of vegan Boston Creme Pie! Well, how often do I have dessert, really? Not, what's the lesson here? As usual, it's all about the balance!

Thanks for playing, and I'll look forward to reconnecting with you after the weekend. I hope yours is very fun, rejuvenating, and relaxing!! And as always, please let me know your suggestions for blog guys inspire me! XO

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  1. I was just in Denver and didn't eat at Watercourse this time but ate at City O City which wasn't nearly as good.

    I have fond memories of my meal there last time. It was yummy -- jerked tofu with wild rice and curried squash. Think that I had dessert, too, and like you I hardly eat it. But when it's tasty and I have the chance, I splurge, too.

    Love your immune boosting week.

    Thanks for posting.