Vegan Nutrition Tips!

Hi there, fabulous person! Welcome to today's edition of the Radiant Health, Inner Wealth blog. Inspired today by a woman who was blown away yesterday when I gave her a few facts on vegan nutrition! She was under the impression that we needed cow's milk for strong bones, having been raised with a real fear of osteoporosis. However, when I shared a few facts with her, she was really excited to start replacing harmful animal-based sources of calcium with clean plant sources. Like the lovely, alkalinizing almond. Did you know that almond milk is a snap to make and very high in nutrients, calcium, and iron?
Here's an excerpt from the nutrition chapter of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth:

"How will I get enough calcium if I don’t eat dairy products? Why would all of those celebrities sport a milk moustache if it didn’t reflect the truth?"
It’s interesting to note that the societies who have the highest rates of osteoporosis are those who consume the most animal products. In societies that consume little or no dairy products, this disease (wrongly linked to inadequate calcium intake) is practically unheard of. Dr. John McDougall states, "Osteoporosis is not a disease that results from too little calcium, but rather primarily from too much animal protein animal food derived acids that rob the body of calcium and structural materials, and thus weaken bones." In other words, the less animal protein we consume, the less calcium we need. The Dairy Council is one of the largest businesses in the United States, with quite the budget for advertising. Again, before you take something as a fact, make sure it is not funded by a special interest business.

It should also be noted that many plant foods contain loads of calcium. Sesame, tofu, kale, and other greens are just a few examples of foods that contain very high levels of calcium. Plus, this kind can be properly absorbed, unlike dairy products that can rob the body of calcium (because of their high levels of animal protein) while they supply it.

Finally, consider this: If you believe that we live in an intelligently designed universe, how would cow’s milk originally have been intended? Perhaps to feed a baby cow? Mother’s milk is as natural as it gets, and contains the ideal amount of nutrients, fat, calories, and protein for the nursing mother’s growing child. Milk is absolutely the perfect food, but it is intended for the baby of that mother’s species. Cow’s milk is perfect for baby cows, just as human mother’s milk is perfect for human babies.


  1. Hey Tess! Great blog btw...about this calcium intake. I went to the Doctor over a year ago and he said everything was fine with me, with the exception of my calicum. He recommended I take vitamins to prevent osteoporosis, si I've been taking vitamins, but like you said there's a way to get all your nutrients w/o vitamins...What specifically do you recommend we eat on a day to day basis to met our calcium requirments?

    -Ariana aka fellow vegwebber :)

  2. Well, in general if you eat a healthy vegan diet and avoid animal proteins, you should be fine. Did your doc measure your calcium levels in your body? Or just tell you w/o real info that you need more calcium?
    Other things that rob our bodies of calcium are phosphates (like those in soda) & lack of exercise.
    But if you really want to boost your calcium, try sesame, greens (kale, broccoli), and quinoa.

  3. Although we occasionally eat cheese, neither my sister no I were raised drinking cows milk. I still don't drink it (not sure about her) and I eat very little dairy. My bone density is excellent. I eat oodles of dark green veggies, nuts and grains. I also take a veg calcium pill at night and it really helps me sleep. Great info! Thanks.

  4. Yes, he measured my calcium levels. I dont drink soda and I go to the gym about 4-5 days a week...i can't remember what I had been eating at the time though, maybe i wasn't eating properly...Thanks for the info. I'll try to get some more greens in my diet :)