Eating Well on a Budget

Well, I'll come right out and say it...I'm a little pressed for time this morning since I've got a very (too) busy weekend ahead of me with book signings in Salida and Denver. But, I did promise (as part of a vegan mofo pledge) to blog every single day this month...and a promise IS a promise!
So I's is gonna cheat...just a little. Someone e-mailed me yesterday and bravely poured her soul out to me. She said she really wants to eat better but is struggling, due to current lack of funds. She asked me for some tips on eating well on a tight budget. After having given a workshop to Head Start parents on this not too long ago, I had a few ideas.

So, here's what I wrote:

1. Have you tried sprouting at home? It's crazy cheap and one of the best, most vital things we can eat.

2. Along the same lines as sprouting, growing your own food is the way to go for nutrition and cheapness combined. I would recommend setting up a spot where you can perhaps grow some greens so that you can have an organic salad every day.

3. Beans! Do you have access to a pressure cooker? Dried beans are cheap and incredible, nutrition-wise. And they're awesome in a pressure cooker.

4. Buy in quantity from the cheapest health food store--get a big bag of whole wheat flour, beans, rice, whatever whole foods staple that would work for you. And try to make it organic if you can. If a big bag of organic whole wheat flour can be purchased, you will have fresh, homemade, whole grain bread and/or tortillas. It can be made in large batches and frozen for convenience.
5. I personally try to score on cheap organic bananas...and usually succeed. How? When I see over-ripe (read: perfect) bananas in the store, they are usually at least 50% off. They are also just right for wrapping and freezing for future smoothies. Plus, I take this one step further. The perfect morning shake also involves homemade vegan milk (I make soy-almond) which is only pennies per serving. My daughter's favorite shake is made simply with nondairy milk, frozen bananas, and a little carob or vanilla. So simple, so good, so nourishing!
I hope this helps inspire you to eat CAN be done on a budget and will save you money in the long run! For more tips, my book Radiant Health, Inner Wealth contains a complete sprouting guide as well as many bean, bread, and breakfast shake recipes. With LOVE and highest intent, Tess


  1. Sprouting is something I simply must stop procrastinating about and DO!
    I do the other things.

  2. :) Yes, I actually put my sprout seeds out where I can see them--less chance of me procrastinating!!