3 Simple Steps To a Killer Immune System!

Want to have an immune system that kicks booty and takes names? Well, the good news is that you CAN. No matter what your past has been, this is a present and future possibility--and probability--if you work at it. The bad news is...well, there is no bad news. It's all good! And delicious too when you know how to make health-supporting foods taste great. Oh, and by the way, by "killer" immune system, I mean just that--but in a nice way. Your immune system can fend off (or "kill") absolutely anything when it's functioning at its peak. But the great news is that it won't "kill" in the same way as prescription drugs would. Staying healthy naturally means that none of the good things (like beneficial bacteria in the stomach, for example) get killed off, and instead are there in even greater force to keep you happy, healthy, and up for anything...at any time.

So here are today's tips for making your immune system the bomb.
1. Emphasize the good stuff. This is a concept from my book Radiant Health, Inner Wealth and is really important. Rather than focusing on what you shouldn't be eating, put more energy into the goodness. Ask yourself this question: "What foods do I love that really love me back?" And remember too--there may be lots of healthy foods & dishes that you have yet to discover! Add delicious superfoods (such as kale, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger, chilis, berries, and amaranth) into your diet and watch the magic unfold.
2. Don't stress. I will share a private little secret with you: The only time I get sick these days is when I'm not taking the time to de-stress. For me--and so many others--stress is a top cause of illness. So, make sure that you add a few relaxation exercises into your day. What? You don't have time? Nonsense. Don't tell me you don't have five minutes in the course of a 24-hour day, because I won't belive you. Just take a minute here and a minute there (unless you can scrounge up even more time, which is even better!). Do some deep breathing, affirmations, or meditation techniques (one of which is detailed on this blog...scroll down to the bottom of this page to see it).
3. Have some FUN, for the love of all that is good and holy! We are not meant to live joyless, overworked lives--I don't care who says so! We are all given a sense of humor at birth and I personally intend to take full advantage of it. Taking time to laugh and play every day recharges our systems and makes us happy...or at the very least, happier. In turn, this boosts up our immunity and spreads joy to others as well. So, laugh, dammit!
Ah, tough love can be so hard sometimes....

I'd also like to add that The Kathleen Show has launched a program called "Prevention Not Prescriptions" aimed at keeping our bodies healthy and less reliant on prescription medicine. It's a wonderful program and more information can be found at:
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  1. Love the idea of focusing on what you do eat. People often ask me, "so, how do you get protein?" Or even ask me if I miss ...well, they go through lists. I just think of all the yummy stuff I do eat. I miss nothing. Honestly, if I missed eating animals I eat one. So many wonderful things to munch on and create...just don't have the time to stuff much more down! Great article!

  2. Great post today. And oh so true. De-stressing is one thing I've found very helpful. I don't know why we forget to do this each day because it's very helpful and necessary!


  3. I will vouch for that. I first learned this technique from my nutritionist and it really helps. The effect for me was, I crowded out the bad choices by focusing on the good ones. There is still a balancing act - you can overdo say whole grains if you eat too many or lean protein etc. With the possible exception of vegetables maybe. But the point is that choosing good stuff and enjoying it is so vital for maintaining good nutrition. The other two - also agree, stress and all work will lead to an unhealthy state.