Kid's LOVE veggies! Here's the proof.

To the left, we have Alethea using the spiralizer to make "carrot hair."
To the right, we can observe that eating "carrot hair" is fun. Oh, and that's a little chocolate on her nose from the zucchini chocolate chip muffin she just ate. Good times.
So, usually it's no problem to get my 6-year-old to eat carrots. But today she wasn't into it, so I decided to bust out the big guns. The spiralizer. Fun and nutrition all rolled into one.
This particular spiralizer was bought through Amazon (Benriner brand) and cost about $50. It works great and has stayed really sharp for years. The spiralizer also works fabulously for beets, zucchini, and other vegetables with at least a 1-inch diameter and relatively firm surface. The spiralizer has gotten popular mainly for its ability to turn veggies like zucchini into a raw pasta. However, I mostly use it just to make a really inviting texture out of carrots or beets, tossing it on top of my salad. Fun!

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  1. I've wanted one of these for so long! I can't find a stOckist in Australia, I might have to order on online. Is it childish to get excited about 'carrot hair' if you're 25? :)