Immune-Boosting Kid's Kale!

Kale! Kale! Oh, my sweet, sweet kale. Lacinato, I love you. You make my immune system so much stronger than it would be without you. You slyly sneak greens into the otherwise resistant mouths of children. You are full of iron, chlorophyll, nutrients, and good juju. You make us all look and feel our best when we remember to include you at dinnertime. I heart you. Don't ever leave me.
OK, I've had two kombuchas and I'm a little silly today. But, in all seriousness, kale is amazing! Kids will eat it, adults will eat it, and you will love it....when, in the name of all that is good and holy, it is prepared properly. Contrary to popular belief, kale does NOT need to be cooked forever. It can be cooked just until it's bright green and slightly tender. The following recipe is from my 2nd edition book, Radiant Health, Inner Wealth. Try it, you'll love it!
...And, in case you didn't know it, kale really will be one of your best friends as we move into "cold and flu season." Because if you eat power-charged foods like kale daily (along with other superfoods like shiitake mushrooms, garlic, etc...), chances are your immune system will be able to resist those little germs that would otherwise pester you. So, this season, try getting pro-active. Instead of worrying about sickness (even if it's all around you), focus on keeping your immune system so strong that nothing can assail you. Because it's not only possible, it's more fun that way.

Kid’s Kale

When children first see this, they often proclaim that they will have nothing to do with it. However, when they finally try it, they invariably scarf it down and ask for seconds! You can feel like a champion eating this, as kale is one of the most immune boosting, energizing, and strengthening vegetables around. It is also ridiculously high in calcium, iron, and vitamins. Admittedly, I belong to the elitist cult that prefers the lacinato variety (also called black kale).

½ lb. (2 cups packed) lacinato kale ribbons
2 tablespoons liquid vegetarian broth
1 teaspoon oil (coconut, olive, or sunflower)
2 medium cloves garlic, minced or pressed
2-3 teaspoons tamari, shoyu, or soy sauce
Last Additions:
•2-3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
•1 teaspoon nutritional yeast powder
1. Wash the kale well. Lay it on a cutting board and cut off the ends (about two inches off of the base), which will include the toughest portion of the stems. I don’t remove the stems above this point, as they are tender enough to eat when cooked (if they are finely chopped).
2. Cut the kale into thin ribbons. You should have 2 cups (packed) of kale ribbons. Next, place the kale along with the broth, oil, garlic, and two teaspoons of the tamari into a medium-large skillet. Cook over medium-high heat for 5-10 minutes, stirring often. I prefer to cook my kale less, more toward the 5 minute end, although many people like theirs more well done. You make the choice.
3. Toss with two teaspoons of the lemon juice and the nutritional yeast powder. If desired, add the additional tamari and lemon juice to taste. Enjoy the brilliant flavor and powerful antioxidants!
Serves 2; 30 minutes or under! GF/Green


  1. that sounds so delicious tess i love kale and am always looking for new recipes to try

  2. Thanks for this recipe! We grew kale in the garden this summer & my 5 year old picked it all and ate it all raw one night for dinner... thank goodness it grew back so the rest of us could have some, too!